All of our projects begin with insight and understanding. Insight about the market, industries, our clients’ organisation, business processes and people.

  • What are the strategic goals your organisation has set for the future?
  • What is the competence gap within your organisation?
  • How can you optimize your organisational design?
  • When it comes to different key roles within the organisation, what kind of skills and what level of performance is required to succeed?
  • How can you effectively develop your employees?
  • ¬ What kind of new expertise do you need to bring into your business?

We have several ways to approach these – and other – subjects. Common for all matters is that we strive to aquire the proper and correct insight and understanding, so that we can assist your organisation to evolve in your desired direction. Our thorough approach is highly valued by our customers. We have the courage to challenge them, and they know that we understand their needs.


Client perception

To choose the right strategy for your company, it is crucial to know your customers strategy. Client Perception | B2B is a methodology based on an objective 3rd party conducting qualitative interviews of the buying centre of key clients. Consultants from The Assessment Company AS will through discussions with your clients get an insight into the future, and the concept is used in advance of strategy processes or to define capability needs for the future.

Organisational analysis

Understanding organisations is understanding people and strategy. By recognising/identifying and defining challenges, problems or needs, The Assessment Company AS engages the organisation and tailor processes in order to create the right direction and clarity. The processes are based on business goals and strategies and define business competence gaps and provide clear recommendations in relation to required measures.

Organisational design

The Assessment Company has good experience and knowledge in designing functional organisations that contribute to realise strategy and achieve goals. The customer perspective is central to our methodology of organisational design. Likewise, it is important to look at how divisions and departments effectively allocate responsibilities to ensure both results and process goals. Development of organisational design is carried out usually in the context of preparation of the role descriptions / competency models, where interface considerations between departments and roles are central.

Define competency models and role specifications

Together with our clients, we assist in developing competency models and role specifications for specific positions. Furthermore, we build capability frameworks based on values, culture and functional roles within the organisation. The models are built to fit with psychometric tools, the selected evaluation process, and for different functional areas.

The objective is to capture the essence of what capabilities an organisation needs in order to implement its strategy, moreover, the competency model can work as benchmark to identify gaps and be used in selection and development purposes.

Individual Assessment / Management Audit

Based on an extended job profile description or a competency model, The Assessment Company AS provides tailored assessment solutions to describe capability gaps and/or development needs among key people in the organisation. This method is often used in connection with acquisitions and / or mergers or internal reorganisation processes.