Invite is our unique concept for recruitment and selection. As a basis for our Invite concept, we use our Insight concept. Insight and understanding through defining specifications for positions, provide the foundation we need in recruitment and selection context. Respect for candidates, professionalism, discretion, and good communication illustrate our recruitment processes.

As a leader, you will face several issues when carrying out recruitment processes.

    • How will you make your company, and your need for new skills, visible and attractive for the people you want to get in touch with?


  • What are the biggest challenges you face when selecting your new colleague?
  • How do you choose the right person amongst several potential candidates?
  • What do you want to know before you have to make the choice?



Our solutions could be the right solution for you. Invite concept consists of:

The AC excecutive search

The AC executive search helps companies identify and attract suitable candidates to senior positions. We have extensive experience from different industries and services at different levels. Executive search is best suited for the appointment of Board members, Executive management roles, Middle management roles and Key specialists. This is where we have our experience and strength.

Executive search is a part of Invite, which is our unique recruitment concept. As a starting point for our Invite concept, we use our Insight process which provides insights and understanding through careful analysis and work on establishing specification requirements, providing the basis we need for recruitment. Respect for candidates, professionalism, discretion and good communication also characterize our recruitment processes.

Our own combined experiences and competencies from the Executive search industry and line management roles, combined with academic and research-based knowledge that form the basis of our analysis in our own developed PeopleLab is the basis for our way of working. Each individual assignment is analyzed, tailored and carefully executed according to the unique requirements and conditions that are relevant. Successful recruitment and appointment with us, whether it is a CEO or other key positions, can lead to significant success for our clients. Therefore, we put both prestige and hard dedicated work to make the best available person available to our customers. Our ambition is always to exceed our customers’ high expectations by delivering the best possible candidates, but also by challenging candidates who, with the background, do not seem to be the automatic choice at first sight.

Recruitment / Attracting candidates

The Assessment Company believes in qualified and motivated candidates in key roles of an organisation. For that reason, we have, through our Invite concept, developed innovative and effective methods to attract the right candidates. We use a wide variety of solutions to make your brand visible, in order to better reach the relevant target groups. Film is an important part of this, and we communicate through social media, online communities, and traditional ad sites. We invite relevant people into our network to participate in the process, and we also encourage employees of our clients to reach as many as possible. As a part of attracting motivated and qualified candidates, we focus on values in our external communication, and provide insights about our customers, role requirements, values ​​and culture. Good employment requires a good match between the company and the candidate’s values ​​and culture. Therefore, this is an important part of the recruitment process.

Example – Video Job-ads – Digital Workforce – We are looking for an RPA Solution Consultant!:

And for Stange Energy – looking for the Head of Sales:


Knowledge is power when it comes to selection. Traditional methods, such as personality and motivation tests, aptitude tests, interviews, etc. provide some insight, but ideally you should have more accurate knowledge about what the future holds by hiring a new person. How will the candidate act in everyday life? How will he or she approach critical business issues? How will his or her presence affect the organisation? How are their professional skills? How is their ability to socially interact?

PEOPLE LAB. ™ is our innovative selection arena, a place where questions will be answered. Advanced and sophisticated methods, customized for individual purposes, enables us to assess a candidates’ suitability for the position. What you will gain from this, is that you will have a deeper insight and understanding about the candidates, and obtain more knowledge than you thought were possible. You will be aware of the candidates’ strengths and development areas, and get instructions that you as a leader can use, in order to get the best out of your new employee.