The Assessment Company is committed to creating new methods for the training and development of teams and individuals that provide high performance and excellent results in both the short and long term.

Academy is our generic term for development concepts. Our processes for development of teams and individuals on functional level are also based on insight. The Assessment Company has a fundamental belief in developing competencies and skills that businesses need to succeed. It is therefore an important part of our process to identify competence gaps when we create customized solutions for development.

We have a research-based approach when it comes to development, meaning we use methods that we empirically know have an effect. The value of training in both the private and public sector is high, especially when tailored training provide introspection and behavioural change.

PEOPLE LAB.™  is our development arena. Distribution of new knowledge (which is related to defined competence gaps) is followed by practical training in PEOPLE LAB.™ where participants in a safe environment practice on what they have learned. The situation is staged and similar to the ones they will have to face in everyday life. Observation and use of video analysis is vital when it comes to promoting self-awareness and development.


The Assessment Company has, through a collaboration with individual clients and Innovation Norway, developed the concept Training Academy, where the use of PEOPLE LAB. ™ is a central development arena.

Training Academy is based on different modules and systematised with the intent to provide effective training and development for employees across departments (typical examples: value ​​and culture, way of working, etc.), and for more specific functions such as personnel management, sales, project management, etc. Training Academy aims to create training modules that are relevant to the company’s employees, to meet goals outlined in the corporate strategy, and with that in mind, make sure that the company is investing in skills that are important for the business and the employees.


The Assessment Company customize solutions that develop efficient and effective management team. PEOPLE LAB. ™ is key for the development process, for instance as a basis for evaluating the management team’s level and skills in light of what research says about effective teams. We will typically work with the team structure, patterns of interaction, and communication. We also offer modules that are based on providing insight and experience related to specific development themes which are relevant to managers.


The Assessment Company assists companies in developing training concepts for specific functions / teams that face common challenges. Competence gap is central because we develop programs to exercise on defined areas. Function-based training creates inspiration, insight, sense of achievement and behavioural change through the access of knowledge, volume training, observation, and reflection. This approach causes lasting change and development, and will undoubtedly produce results over time.


The Assessment Company assembles and implements customized development programs based on a manager’s needs. By utilizing various assessment solutions, we develop applications based on the main areas of focus for the organisation and conduct exercises to strengthen a manager’s essential characteristics. Customer needs and strategy shape our advice and solutions, and aim to ensure that the organisation achieves its objectives and that leaders should realise their potential.