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Room for improvement

When changes need to happen quickly, it is crucial that the organization's employees have the necessary skills. All skill development must be based on the organization's strategic goals. We utilize Inflow24 and PEOPLE LAB.™ to create faster, more strategic, and more long-lasting effects of competence development.

In the world of top-level sports, digital tools, data points, and video analysis have long been used as part of training efforts. These same methods are highly effective when it comes to developing organizational skills. All development begins with an understanding of the organization's strategic goals. Qualitative and quantitative analysis methods help you build a comprehensive overview of the organization's competency situation at the organizational level, team level, or individual level. That's all it takes to get started in closing the competency gaps and achieving better results. 

Over the years, thousands of individuals have undergone training at PEOPLE LAB.™, and the feedback is clear: the training provides greater value and faster results. We consciously refer to it as "training" because continuous development requires continuous practice. At our top-level sports center for the business world, you have the opportunity to identify and develop people's potential, resulting in improved well-being and performance for the entire company.

PEOPLE LAB.™ is often a vital component of the development process, utilized to assess and enhance employees' patterns of behavior and skills. Through our training programs, participants gain self-awareness, confidence, and a better understanding of how to handle crucial situations. This serves as a secure and enriching platform for leaders, specialists, advisors, and teams who aspire to excel in their industry, sector, or discipline.

Interested in working on organizational skill development? In that case, Inflow24 can be utilized to provide HR and leaders with insights into the organization's competency gaps and prioritized development areas, as well as serving as a tool for follow-up and development of each individual employee. 


Underutilization of human resources means that your employees' unique skills, efforts, and work methods are not aligned with the business goals. If you lack visibility into resource utilization, it is likely that some employees are not being fully utilized while others are burdened with excessive workloads. Both scenarios have a negative impact on motivation, profitability, and productivity. 

AC locates where you stand today, where you need to go, and how resources should be managed in order for the company to reach its future vision. We utilize questioning techniques and advanced technology to construct a comprehensive picture of the company's resources, the human challenges it faces, and how the company should work to maintain, attract, and develop expertise. Following that, we implement practical training, which takes place in the People Lab among other locations. 





To succeed as a leader in rapidly changing environments, one must be able to lead themselves, lead others, lead change, and lead the organization. At our business's top sports center, we create faster learning for leaders, resulting in longer-lasting learning outcomes.

As a leader in times of change, you must navigate through numerous paradoxes. Our methodology is based on our research collaboration with scholars at BI. This work has led to a Nordic leadership model, where we have identified 12 paradoxes that leaders in the Nordic region encounter. The most successful leaders have developed the flexibility to handle these paradoxes. We build this flexibility through close support, fostering self-awareness, and practical training in the People Lab.

Leadership development can take place with full leadership teams or through one-on-one leadership support and coaching. 

Below, you can explore a reference case from Plantasjen, showcasing their utilization of AC in leadership development. 


When discussing ways to achieve better results, it is crucial to consider fundamental values such as well-being, collaboration, and security. It all starts with understanding current work methods and team dynamics. Then, you can focus on making the necessary behavioral changes for the team to reach their goals more efficiently.

At an individual level, the key to increasing productivity and motivation lies in learning about one's own preferences and working on them in conjunction with others. We need to comprehend how we influence each other in the workplace. This requires not only self-awareness but also understanding those we work with.

In PEOPLE LAB.™, you have access to both a training room and an observation room. Allow your employees to engage in realistic situations that are crucial to the company's current and future work processes!






The key to a successful sale starts with the ability to ask the right questions, listen, and identify the customer's needs. A credible salesperson must be relevant. They should meet the customer in their situation and show that they understand. Salespeople who succeed in appearing relevant are good listeners, but they also have a solid understanding of the market, surroundings, and the products/services they sell. Lastly, they have the ability to translate their knowledge into solutions that provide added value for the customer.

If you want to build commercial strength, sales training may be suitable for many employees - even those who don't work directly in sales. For example, the same methodology used in sales can often be highly relevant for employees working in advisory roles.

At AC, we have been able to demonstrate excellent results over the years by facilitating training and development for sales personnel and management. We utilize a practical and forward-thinking training approach inspired by top sports. Below, you can read about how Oslo Business Forum has achieved significant impact by working on sales training for all its employees.



Do you want your business to become more resilient and adapt smoothly to changes in the environment? Then it may be necessary to develop employees' ability to handle changes and contribute to development work that provides future business value.

There are many ways to develop the team's ability to work innovatively and manage changes. We often utilize a combination of work on culture and values, design thinking, and practical training on innovation processes, collaboration, and project work.






Every business has unique competencies, specializations, and functions. Function-based training is a term used to describe the development of skills within a specific job function/role.

By utilizing digital analysis tools, we can identify competency gaps within a team or organization, as well as understand the development potential that exists within each employee. It is often necessary to further develop the skills of employees who are responsible for tasks that are vital to the company's ability to deliver. Other times, the company may find itself in a situation where the skills required tomorrow differ from the competencies possessed by employees today. In these cases, the work of identifying which employees have the greatest potential to develop new future skills becomes important.

The actual competence development takes place in People Lab - our top sports center for the business world, where practical training takes center stage.


are unaware of the company's competency needs or skill gaps.


"You are so skilled at creating safe spaces where it feels completely comfortable to experiment and make mistakes."