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The demands for organizational change are rapidly increasing in line with environmental changes. Creating a flexible organization where leaders and employees are equipped to meet the future is absolutely necessary. Therefore, we place great emphasis on clarifying the connection between the company's strategy and the skills and development needs of its employees. By systematizing the preferences of all employees, we can build a complete picture at the company level of the resources we have, the human challenges the company faces, and how the company must work to retain, recruit, and develop its employees.

AC identifies where you stand, where you need to go, and how resources should be managed for the company to reach its vision of the future. This can involve assessing and improving organization, competency, culture, governance, systems, structures, and processes. We start with the big picture, improve the structures, and fill competency gaps through the development of existing employees and the recruitment of new ones. It is often necessary to address one or more areas.







In order to succeed in strategy and organizational development, it is crucial that those who will actually be doing the work are involved and have ownership of the processes.

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When changes need to happen quickly, it is essential that the employees of the organization have the necessary skills. Therefore, success with both reskilling and upskilling is crucial.

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Recruitment is one of the most strategic tasks a leader undertakes. The competition for talent is often fierce, and selecting the best individuals is crucial.

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