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It's all about aptitude

Recruitment is one of the most strategic tasks a leader undertakes. The competition for talent is often fierce, and selecting the best individuals is crucial. "Aptitude" is all about identifying natural potential. Only by observing people in real-life situations can we discover their true potential. Sometimes, it can be found in the least expected places.

With PEOPLE LAB.™, you gain access to a recruitment method that provides greater accuracy and increased value for both clients and candidates. When it comes to recruitment processes, expertise at the leadership and specialist levels is often required. We need individuals with experience and business understanding who can view recruitment from a strategic perspective. We always begin our assignments by understanding the strategic opportunities and challenges that our clients face. Through active searching and some of the industry's most innovative advertising solutions, we go above and beyond to find the right candidates. With a curious, equitable, and honest approach, you can be confident that candidates will have a recruitment experience like no other.

In order for the candidate to demonstrate their potential and ability to fulfill the new role, effective questioning techniques, tests, and practical cases are crucial. Research clearly shows that work samples are the best single way to assess a candidate's ability to handle the position. At AC, we use PEOPLE LAB.™ to conduct work samples. PEOPLE LAB.™ is a development and selection arena that enables simulations of typical situations that candidates will encounter in the role. This method provides higher accuracy and a more professional experience for both the candidate and the employer. In PEOPLE LAB.™, the candidate's abilities in teamwork, interaction, as well as professional competence and reasoning skills, are evaluated.

Our consultants have extensive experience, industry knowledge, and candidate networks across various sectors. We engage with key individuals to gain insights into the current standing of your organization, where you aspire to be in the future, and the necessary skills a new hire should possess to drive your organization in the right direction.


There is often a lot of risk associated with hiring top executives, middle managers, and other key personnel. What defines a good leader in your organization? Effective leadership recruitment requires strong competency models and the ability to assess how leaders will actually handle critical situations in their everyday work. Together with researchers at BI, we have developed one of the industry's most robust and relevant models for leadership recruitment and development. Imagine having the opportunity to thoroughly examine a candidate's skills and behavioral patterns, and also assess whether they have a good cultural fit with the organization. In PEOPLE LAB, candidates have the chance to showcase their potential, and you can see for yourself how they will perform and function in practice.

Imagine having the opportunity to thoroughly assess a candidate's skills, behavioral patterns, and cultural fit with the organization. In PEOPLE LAB, candidates have the chance to showcase their potential, allowing you to envision how they will perform and excel in real-life situations.

AC has been nominated multiple times in the category of "Recruitment Agency of the Year" at the Finn Awards, and in 2021, we were honored to receive the prize.


Finding the right talent goes beyond filling a current competency need. Human resources are a strategic tool that propels organizations into the future. AC has extensive experience in recruiting personnel across various disciplines and industries, including finance and accounting, analysis, technology and manufacturing, sales, communication and marketing, HR and safety, sustainability, consulting, and more.

Between 70 and 90% of the candidate market consists of passive candidates. That's why it's crucial to understand what makes the role and organization appealing to the group you want to reach. We understand the target audience, making it easier to effectively promote the role to potential candidates. By leveraging our consultants' networks, past data from similar recruitments, algorithms, and AI, we can precisely target digital messages and generate contact lists to manually approach relevant candidates.

In 2021, our colleague Ida B. Hoff was honored with the "Headhunter of the Year" award at the Finn Awards.


Reduce the risk of hiring mistakes with an objective quality assurance of one or more candidates. We uncover strengths and competency gaps, providing you with a secure decision-making foundation.

A second opinion is suitable when the company is in the final stages of the hiring process and seeks a better decision-making foundation, or when there is a need for a more comprehensive assessment of how onboarding can be tailored to ensure the candidate adds value from day one.

We take the candidate through a three-step evaluation, culminating in an objective and secure decision-making report. You will receive an assessment of the candidate's fit against the current and future requirements and expectations of the role.

Learn more about our thorough methods for final assessment in the article below.


All experience shows that the most successful employer branding processes start at a strategic level. An employer brand is strengthened when there is alignment between what is communicated and what actually happens within the organization. Similarly, an employer brand and the company's credibility can be weakened if there is a disconnect between these two.

At AC, we distinguish between three central aspects of building an employer brand: 1) Building an organization that is attractive to employees and potential candidates, 2) Creating a communication platform and associated marketing concepts that reflect the organization's focus on employees, 3) Designing and implementing campaigns that showcase the organization to potential employees.

Read below to discover how Trainee Innlandet has achieved significant growth through collaboration with AC on employer branding.

"This is by far the most outstanding recruitment I have ever been a part of. Throughout my 25 years in the business world, I have never experienced anything even remotely close to this." 



How can I determine the needs of the organization, both now and in the future? What does it take to attract the right candidates? Do I have access to a diverse pool of applicants? Have I chosen the right candidate? Many questions can arise during the recruitment process, and AC can assist in every phase. Which phases are most critical for you?


Recruitment is not simply about filling a current skills gap. Human resources are a strategic tool that will propel the organization into the future. The key questions are: Where are we today? Where do we want to go? What skills do we need to get there? AC provides strategic guidance, industry expertise, and some of the best methods in the industry to assess competency gaps.


70 to 90% of the candidate market consists of passive candidates. The task of finding these candidates and then selling them on the role is often crucial. It is important to understand what makes the role and the organization attractive to the group you want to reach. The better you know your target audience, the easier it is to effectively sell the role. The next step is to actually find the candidates. With the use of networks, previous data, algorithms, and AI, we can target digital messages and generate contact lists to manually approach candidates.


How confident can you be in selecting the right person? A wrong recruitment decision costs an average of 1 million kroner. The ideal candidate who scores perfectly on all parameters may not exist. That's why it's important for you to feel confident in knowing both the strengths and areas for development of the person you are choosing. Many people base their candidate selection solely on interviews, but research actually shows that work samples are the best standalone way to assess a candidate's ability to handle the position. People Lab is the platform we use to stage and evaluate the candidate in key work situations and areas of expertise.


Many would prefer to have a new hire on board yesterday. So, how can we get the new employee up and running quickly? Leaders must understand the candidate's strengths, areas for development, and motivational factors. At AC, we have a passion for developing the potential of employees, so that the impact for the company is not only improved employee well-being but also enhanced performance. Much of this is uncovered through the recruitment process. It is also possible to take advantage of our tool, InFlow24, which is tailored to create high motivation and productivity among teams and individuals.