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Discover how PEOPLE LAB has delivered immediate results for KVIK's sales department.

"Left with an immense amount of self-awareness that was completely foreign to me before I came to you"

"Candidate in the recruitment process"

Here's how you can harness the power of People Lab and digital analysis tools:

  • Assessing skills
    Assessing individuals' ability to handle important work processes can be challenging. It requires effective competency models and assessment tools. With People Lab, you have the opportunity to make realistic assessments of individuals' skills in practice. By supporting this with our digital competency assessment tools (InFlow24), you will have access to a powerful platform for continuously assessing and developing talent in line with environmental changes. Sometimes, there is a need to acquire completely new competencies. PEOPLE LAB™ is also used in recruitment. Here, you can use practical tasks and solid data points to identify the individual's development potential and allow candidates to demonstrate their skills and ability to fill the new role.

  • Develop employees' skills
    It is inherent for individuals to gravitate towards what feels safe. In order to encourage employees to work differently, it is therefore necessary to cultivate their practical skills, so that new work and collaboration methods become a natural and secure part of their everyday routine. 

  • Develop self-awareness
    Research shows that practical training is an effective way of learning, and self-awareness is necessary to create behavioral change. Through the use of video, observation, and feedback in People Lab, individuals can learn from their mistakes faster, resulting in a more long-lasting learning outcome.

  • Building a culture
    To effectively change employees' behavior patterns, it is impactful to develop the culture. This can be achieved through a practical approach to team development, dilemma training, and value anchoring in People Lab.

  • Building leaders
    Effective leadership is absolutely crucial for the organization's adaptability. Recent research has revealed numerous paradoxes within effective leadership. In collaboration with researchers at BI, we have used this as the foundation for our training model, specifically tailored to leaders in Nordic businesses.