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We provide insights into where your business stands today and where it should be in the future.

Then we build the achievements that take you there.

With a desire to bring something new to an industry that had remained stagnant for so long, our story begins. The realization of this has transformed us into a top sports center for both private and public businesses, making us one of the fastest-growing consulting firms in the Nordics.

Our story started with a question: Why has the methodology for recruitment and skills development remained stagnant for so many years, despite the low effectiveness of traditional methods?

The solution became PEOPLE LAB.™. A top sports center for the business world, where business insight is translated into practical case tasks and film recordings. In PEOPLE LAB.™, you can place performance development at the forefront.

As a participant in a training process or applicant in a recruitment process, you have the opportunity to showcase your strengths and identify areas for improvement. As an employee in a company undergoing a strategic or change process, you gain insights into the future needs of your organization, what creates value for customers, and how you and your colleagues can contribute to driving the organization forward.

Backed by thorough research and insights, we help uncover the future needs your business will have. Through a unique combination of technology and services, we guide the organization throughout the process of meeting these needs. This enables you to build achievements that propel the organization into the future.


Want to get in touch with us? Our offices in Oslo, Hamar, Trondheim, Molde, Ålesund, Gothenburg, and Stockholm cover the entire Norway and large parts of Sweden.


Our skilled consultants work closely across our offices, making it easy for you to connect with us. You can reach out to one of our consultants, the leaders of each office, or contact each business area to get in touch.

Strategy and Organizational Development

Rune Strupstad Andreassen
+47 996 16 653



Training and skill development

Veronica Larsen
+47 489 59 497



Recruitment and Selection

Ida B. Hoff
+47 489 59 465


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